What does rantallion mean - Rantallion


What does Rantallion mean? Rantallion is a noun. “One whose scrotum is so relaxed as to be longer than his penis, i. e. whose shot pouch is longer than the barrel of his piece.” [“Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue,” Grose, 1788] Who knew! More Rantallion Definitions https://www.dictionary.com/browse/rantallion https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/rantallion Get your hands on some Rantallion Merch!…

Bedswerver - Bedswerver


Shakespeare coined this one to describe an adulterer. BBC America thinks this would make a great band name, and they are totally on the mark. You’re at the show, the lights go down, and suddenly through the swirling fog and darkness you hear “Good evening Cincinnati, how ya doing? We…are…Bedswerver!” http://www.dictionary.com/slideshows/12-insults-we-should-bring-back#Bedswerver

Zooterkins - Zooterkins


The website Matador Network says this is “a 17th century variant of ‘zounds’ which was an expression of surprise or indignation.” It’s less of an insult and more of something to yell after someone has insulted you…but of course, you can follow up with some other great words of your own. http://www.dictionary.com/slideshows/12-insults-we-should-bring-back#Zooterkins

Scobblelotcher - Scobblelotcher


Mental Floss notes this word is “probably derived from ‘scopperloit,’ an old English dialect word for a vacation or a break from work.” A scobberlotcher is someone who avoids hard work like it’s their job. The next time you catch someone dozing off at their desk, hit ’em with this one. http://www.dictionary.com/slideshows/12-insults-we-should-bring-back#Scobblelotcher

Snoutband - Snoutband


A snoutband is someone who always interrupts a conversation to correct or contradict the person speaking. Every social group has a snoutband, who thinks they know everything. They probably don’t know the meaning of this word, though. At least, not yet. http://www.dictionary.com/slideshows/12-insults-we-should-bring-back#Snoutband