Cockfosters Underground Station

The rudest London Underground station names are…

The rudest underground station names are…

When I read the original title of the article referred to below, I thought to myself, ‘God, are there that many rude station names?’. I thought I knew them all and there aren’t that many rude ones. Maybe the writers of the article are including some DLR or overground stations in their list to make the up the numbers?

There are 270 London Underground stations and to find 19 rude ones doesn’t seem like too large a task, percentage-wise, but to find 19 rude names at all might be impossible.

You see, when the great and the good of the London underground named the stations, they must have used the locations of the stations as a starting point. If this is the case, their article should be a list of rude place names, that happen to be underground stations. Maybe I’m just being picky?

(Note to self, do a blog post of the rudest UK place-names)

Anyway, we all know that Cockfosters is a funny name. This is because of the 1980s Fosters Lager commercial. If you haven’t seen it, we have added it below. Everyone of a certain generation knows about this advert. And anyone of a certain generation who went into London on the tube would scan the tube map, looking for Cockfosters Station (I did). It held a mythical status in the UK, because before the interweb was a thing, how would people from outside London be able to check and see if Cockfosters was real, or perhaps just some clever advertising creation. I knew of people who didn’t think that it existed at all. But it does.

Cockfosters Underground Station - The rudest London Underground station names are...

The 19 rudest London Underground station names

1. Arsenal
2. Bellingham
3. Belsize Park
4. Berrylands
5. Bushey
6. Chorleywood
7. Clapham
8. Clapton
9. Cockfosters
10. Elmers End
11. Hornchurch
12. Hornsey
13. Mudchute
14. Pinner
15. Roding Valley
16. Shepherd’s Bush
17. Tooting
18. Upminster
19. Wapping

For now, I have just listed the names of the stations that My London News thinks are the rudest. I have not explained why these are rude. I will do soon.

But in the meantime, if you would like a few lessons on the way seemingly innocent words can be seen as rude, just watch a few episodes of Beavis and Butthead or read a few comic stories from Viz, namely Finbarr Saunders and his double entendres

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